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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The time has come, Graduations tomorrow and then Vanarts will be my past. Can't believe how quickly this incredible year has gone by. The following photos are the final images for my printed portfolio. There will be a few more images coming along that had honorable mention. 

My plans for the next few months include a few weeks spent back home to get some rest, visit with family, friends and get some inspiration for shoots when I get back to the city. I'll be taking the David Cooper workshop at the beginning of October which I'm really looking forward to! There is also thoughts of creatives to keep my inspiration going while working as well. 

I appreciate every single person who was involved in this past year; dancer, classmate or family each person had an affect on how this all came out. 

Stay tuned for new work and updates on whats happening in my photography life!

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